February 9, 2009


New York City. WOW! You realize how small town and backward South Florida is when you visit there. Sure we've got the weather, but New York City has the balls. Had a great time. My problem is I can't stop looking up. I love architecture and being there is like pure metallic heaven. We hung out with our friend Dave and a couple of his friends at Bar-Coastal (1st & 78th). Great bar and wings. I would say they are 'bout even with Wings n Curls in Hollywood, FL (My favorite wings (Hot)). That says a lot. Tried three different beers as you can see. My favorite was the Lucky 13(Middle) Paul Rating :A. Love the logo as well. Future tattoo possibility. Next is Reuben and the Jets. Paul Rating:B. Finally was the Maximus, a bit too hoppy. Paul Rating:C. The Ken Burns documentary on NYC is calling my name.

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