January 6, 2010

Another brilliant Miami Marketing Strategy

Wow, I am really going to feel a stronger connection to the Marlins now that they have dropped the "Florida" from their road jerseys and the "F" patch from their sleeve. The slow transition to becoming the Miami Marlins is finally beginning...... Like I am some sort of idiot who needs to be eased into this transition. Give me a break, Loria. Am I supposed to be exited about this? Is this finally going to make Miami a World Class City? Funny, the whole city of Miami is bankrupt and the city leaders were so obsessed with changing the name to Miami. That somehow, it would make the life of the city and people who lived their better. What a freaking joke! The Marlins really pulled one over on the City of Miami. A bankrupt city paying for a baseball stadium.....Suckers!! Well, you've got them now Miami....And now, Your Miami Marlins........Isn't life better??? Aren't you proud to be from Miami??????

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