July 21, 2009

Thoughts After Disney

After spending a couple of days in Disney World, some Florida thoughts..
-I've never seen so many overweight people in my life. Europeans are right, we are disgusting.
- Why doesn't Broward or Dade have a gigantic, professional water theme park? Remember Atlantis anyone?
- Our local news blows Orlando's away.
-The Marlins should drop the black out of their uniforms. It's to hot a color in summer to wear.
-If I was a teenager, I'd much rather live in Orlando. The options
in South Florida for teens isn't that great.
-Who is better suited for the future, Orlando or South Florida? Disney is a Global Monster that isn't going anywhere. What do we have beside the beach?
-It was strange to wake up this morning in Orlando and say "Man, it feels cool outside....."

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